Many people believe beauty is subjective. This belief has soothed people who believe they aren’t pretty or handsome enough. However, a team of scientists decided to study the science of beauty, and the results might be discouraging for some folks.

Their results suggest that beauty just might be objective. In fact, scientists declared that one particular woman is the most beautiful female in the world. The name of the lucky woman is Florence Colgate. Scientist zeroed in on Colgate as the most beautiful woman by simple mathematics.

There is a theory that beauty is most often found in faces with a great amount of symmetry. Additionally, beauty theorists believe there is an ideal ratio when it comes to the amount of space between a person’s eyes and other features. When you crunch the numbers, Colgate has the most beautiful face on the planet.

Incredibly, Colgate isn’t an actress or a movie star. Instead, she is simply an ordinary British girl who worked at a Fish Bar. The mathematical beauty of her face was only discovered after she casually entered a beauty contest sponsored by Lorraine Cosmetics. The contest used the theory of proportional beauty to determine the winner.

Naturally, not every face has been mathematically analyzed. Also, one could argue the theory of proportional beauty only applies to certain societies.

Notwithstanding, Colgate certainly is attractive, and the results of the beauty contest made her known around the world. What do you think? Is she pretty enough? Let us know in the comments!