“Wheel of Fortune” is one of those game shows where all of the contestants usually make some money to take home at the end of an episode.

Contestants spin the Wheel of Fortune and earn cash and prizes whenever they solve a letter right for a word or phrase hidden on the puzzle wall. Most contestants need a few spins and letter guesses before they can solve the puzzle. In the Fre$hFlyFuture YouTube channel video “WTF!!!! Woman Solves Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle With One Letter,” a former “Wheel of Fortune” episode shows that it is possible to make the correct guess with just one spin of the wheel.

After one contestant failed to guess a correct letter in a phrase, the next contestant, Caitlin Burke, guessed “L” after her spin landed on $900. Both Vanna White and Pat Sajak confirmed the letter and then Burke asked Sajak, “Can I solve?” Sajak asked her to repeat her question and then allowed it.

Burke then calmly said, “I’ve got a good feeling about this.” As Sajak approached her, Burke laughed and repeatedly said, “I had a good feeling about it” as she jumped up and down with joy.

She then asked Sajak what she won, but he didn’t immediately answer and instead asked her to give him a minute to “get over this.” He then told her she could sail in the Caribbean and, still in shock, told the audience that her guess was “the most amazing solve they ever had.”