When it comes to Christmas traditions, there are some classic stories that make an appearance every year, that most everyone is familiar with. Among these includes the story of Rudolph the red nose reindeer, which is a tale about a misfit reindeer who ends up having to save the day. While the story in itself are generally directed towards children, the 1964 version has recently been getting much criticism from people of all ages, all over the internet.

One of the characters in the television version that has been under fire has been Hermey, the elf who wishes to be a dentist. The reason people were finding the characters presence so troubling, is because it seemed as if his obsession with teeth seemed to a bit unhealthy. Some began to question where exactly the teeth he used for his toys came from, and what he did to obtain them.

Secondly, the idea that the relationships between some of the characters were shallow and had no real depth and emotion to them were brought up as well. The notion that just because you save someone does not entitle you to their romantic love in return was discussed too, in regards to Rudolph’s relationships and feelings with other characters. Santa being a “bully” and not acting as Santa actually should is also a common theme discussed in regards to the shows negative aspects. At some points, he encourages discrimination against Rudolph, and makes condescending comments towards Mrs. Claus. The show in totality faced criticism because some thought that it promotes bullying, in the way that it allowed Rudolph to be made fun of and ostracized by his peers on multiple occasions.

While some criticism was faced, many other people were coming to the defense of the old narrative, claiming that they as kids liked the show, and that people were over analyzing it if they were able to find issues with it. And on the other side, a lot was said about the positive aspects that were reinforced and implemented because of the show. The idea that even if peers around someone make fun of them and make them feel different, that they can still rise to the occasion and do great things is included in this positive air surrounding the show. A lot of people agree that this is a good concept that is brought up by the show, and because of this, it is something that should continue to air and be shown to kids.

All in all, it is up to the discretion of the parents to decide whether or not the television show is something that should be shown to their children. While evidence can be found to support both sides of the argument, the effect that it has on each child and individual is different in each case.