The Canadian Lynx is a cat with huge paws that look like snowshoes. They can be found in snowy regions inside of Alaska, Canada and northern United States. The cats’ huge paws make it easy for them to navigate through the snow. The paws also provide a strong grip for the cats. The Canadian Lynx is a solitary animal that is usually active at night.

Unfortunately, the Canadian Lynx population is decreasing. These animals are being trapped for their fur. They are also losing their natural habitat. However, the species is not in danger. The Canadian Lynx is slightly bigger than the bobcat. It is about twice the size of the average house cat. In some places, it is legal to own a Canadian Lynx as a pet.

However, it is important to note that raising a Canadian Lynx is a lot of hard work. These animals require a lot of care, and they can also be messy. They also have to be taken to the vet on a regular basis, which can be very expensive. The Canadian Lynx can be trained to use a litter box like a house cat. Additionally, they can be taught to obey basic commands.