A good old-fashioned cast iron pan is inexpensive and worth the investment.

If you’ve inherited an ancient rusty one, don’t toss it away. We’ll show you how to clean an ugly old cast iron pan in sheer minutes.

These pans are excellent for searing meats, naturally adding iron to your diet and evenly cooking foods.

To give your pan a thorough scrubbing, you’ll need a Brillo (scouring) pad and some dishwashing liquid. Wash the entire cast iron pan inside and out, and rinse well. Place in the oven on low heat to dry off.

Cast iron gets rusty with left-over water droplets. Next, it’s time to “season.” Dip a cloth into some flax seed oil and apply a thin layer all over the pan, inside and out. Canola oil is also a good one to use and cheaper.

The porous surface of the cast iron pan will absorb the oil and produce a smooth surface for cooking. Wipe most of the pan down, to remove the oil, and place the pan into a very hot oven with a temperature of 450 degrees for one hour.

This process will break down the oil and allow its contents to blend into the pan. After the hour, shut the oven and allow the pan to cool inside. Now, your beautiful cast iron pan looks new again and ready for some serious skillet time.

Your pan should feature a hard glassy layer, ideal for non-sticking cooking action. Watch this excellent YouTube demo.