Emma Farnan, a transgender woman and rugby player, does not believe she has an unfair advantage over her opponents. “Being trans doesn’t mean inherently that I’m going to be a good athlete,” she said. “I still have to put in the hard work.” As one of the few transgender athletes in Premier Rugby (PR) Sevens, Farnan is an esteemed member of the Southern Headliners Rugby Club’s women’s team at its highest level.

Despite the obstacles in front of her, both on and off the field, Farnan is steadfastly focusing on her dreams and is determined to demonstrate that transgender women can go toe-to-toe with anyone. She stands firm against those who believe a person’s sex at birth should deny them from engaging in sports alongside their identified gender. Across America, the ongoing dispute over transgender athletes remains a point of contention as conservatives claim that transgenders have an unfair benefit when competing against other genders; particularly true for male-to-female and female-to-male transitioners playing in women’s sports.

Farnan confidently proclaims that she does not have a leg up on the competition when engaging in sports.

“I am proud to show that I can keep up with everyone else,” she stated. “There’s no advantage that I have over any of my other teammates or opponents, just like there’s no disadvantage.”

Farnan is certain that her presence in the sport is a crucial step towards progress for the transgender community.

“It helps break down those barriers, and it makes everyone realize that we can all play together,” she stated.

According to Farnan, sports should be accessible and not exclusive. She is a firm advocate for anyone who wishes to participate in sporting activities regardless of gender identity or expression as long as they comply with the rules and regulations of their sport. As she so wonderfully puts it, there’s nothing stopping them from playing!

“We can all come together and just play,” she stated. “It doesn’t have to be a big deal.”

Farnan’s extraordinary account demonstrates that regardless of your background or identity, you can still achieve excellence in the sports arena. We are hopeful her story continues to be an inspiration for transgender athletes and a catalyst for challenging entrenched views on trans competitors having unfair advantages.

Farnan encourages and stands up for the transgender community, speaking at events and on social media about her experience to influence other athletes who want to compete in sports but are scared of facing discrimination. Furthermore, she is an active member of TransAthlete.org, a website that assists trans athletes by providing them with vital tools needed to fight prejudice within the sporting world.

Ultimately, Farnan highlights the importance of dedication, athletics manship, and having a good time no matter who you are. It’s not about being transgender or anything else; it’s all about putting in the effort and performing with integrity.

“It’s just a sport,” she stated. “We’re all out there to have fun.”