Kimberly Smith was driving along Highway 114 in Irving, Texas when suddenly her vehicle veered off the road and flipped over. Dazed but not critically injured, she felt traumatized and stranded until a man stopped his car to tell her that he had found her purse nearby. Fortunately, with the help of this generous stranger, Smith managed to escape from the overturned car unhurt.

But the man wasn’t an altruistic Samaritan. He had something specific in mind, and he was ready to do whatever it took to get it. When Smith started searching for her phone, the man shocked her with his next move – he robbed her! Climbing back into his run-down red pickup truck loaded up on stolen goods, he drove away without delay.

Smith stated, “Next thing I know, he’s gone, and my wallet is missing…He must be in a hard situation to feel the need to steal from someone that has just gone through a traumatic experience, who could have nearly died or suffered serious injuries.”

Being an employee in a North Texas Police jail, Smith was well acquainted with criminals; however, her father Steve found it astonishing when he heard that the man had robbed her after she got into the car accident. He is now retired from his career as a Dallas and Addison police officer.

“To take advantage of it, to steal from her and then just to leave her there by herself,” Steve stated. “You wouldn’t want to wish that on anybody.”

After experiencing a car crash that left her robbed, Smith awaited help from passersby. Unfortunately, she was overlooked by dozens of distracted drivers as her vehicle remained flipped on its side.

“People were slowing down, taking pictures,” she stated. “’ Hey, can you call 911? Hey, please help.’ Men took off driving. One person stopped.”

Smith was immensely appreciative when a kindhearted soul from out of state went above and beyond to assist her during this trying time. She has since been desperate to learn more about him in order to thank him for his selfless gesture, but unfortunately, all she knows is that he wasn’t natively from Texas. Still, Smith hopes one day she will discover who the man with the golden heart is so that she can express how thankful she truly is for his help.

Smith unfortunately has a meager description of the man who robbed her at the crash site, but she recollects that he was driving a red pickup truck. She hopes this small fragment of information will help others identify him and aid in his apprehension by law enforcement.

Despite their best efforts, the authorities in Texas are still unable to track down the perpetrator of this crime – all they have to go on is his pickup truck’s color. Nevertheless, justice must be served and police officers throughout the state remain dedicated to finding him.

How do you feel about the fact that this man exploited Kimberly Smith’s vulnerability by taking advantage of her in the wake of a car crash?