In a deeply tragic event, rodeo star Spencer Wright and his family have been struck by an unimaginable loss. Late last month, Spencer’s 3-year-old son, Levi, was critically injured after driving a toy tractor into a Utah river. Despite valiant efforts by medical professionals, Levi was taken off life support and sadly succumbed to his injuries.

Levi’s mother, Kallie Wright, shared the heart-wrenching news on Facebook, capturing the raw emotion and pain the family is enduring. “After several sleepless nights, lots of research, multiple conversations with the world’s best neurologists & millions of prayers, we are here in the face of our biggest fear,” she wrote. “I know there are Angels up there waiting to hold him until I can again!”

Kallie poignantly described the agonizing decision to remove Levi from life support. “Levi showed us just enough to buy us time for all of this. We prayed those things were him defying odds & proving to us that he wanted to stay here but we see now he wanted to give us time to find peace with letting him go. I told you my baby was thoughtful & considerate; I truly believe he did that for us.”

The sorrow felt by the Wright family has resonated with many. Levi’s aunt, Mindy Sue Clark, also took to Facebook to honor her nephew and share the overwhelming support the family has received. “I cannot even begin to explain how hard the last two weeks have been. From the moment my phone rang the night of his accident, to last night receiving the message that he had to go,” she wrote.

Clark highlighted the incredible outpouring of prayers and support they witnessed during Levi’s fight for life. Social media became a beacon of hope and solidarity, with countless individuals offering their thoughts and prayers. “I want to focus on the many miracles we all got to bear witness to in those 12 days. The response Levi’s story got was absolutely incredible,” she continued. “Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people surrounded our best little buddy, lifted him up in prayer, and threw their loving arms around Levi and his family.”

In her heartfelt tribute, Clark emphasized the profound impact Levi had during his short life. “The most perfect three-year-old there ever was. So perfect we didn’t get to keep him. This baby boy moved mountains the last 12 days. He brought so many people together. In a world so dark, we got to see light at the hands of a child.”

Levi’s story has touched many hearts, reflecting the strength and unity that can emerge from tragedy. Clark expressed her gratitude for the precious moments she shared with Levi, stating, “I am so thankful for all the time I got to be his ‘aunt Mindy.’ That is a blessing I will never be able to top.”

As the Wright family navigates this heartbreaking loss, they find solace in the memories and the love that Levi brought into their lives. Clark concluded her message with a poignant memory, “I’m also so thankful my last visit to Utah, even though I was so tired, that I stayed awake a little longer to do s’mores with the kids. It’s all they had talked about all day that day. Love you, Beans! Going to miss you like crazy, buddy!”

This tragic story serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the enduring strength of family bonds. The Wright family’s courage and the widespread support they have received stand as a testament to the power of community and the love that transcends even the most profound sorrow.