From a clip featured in the HBO special “Weapons of Self-Destruction,” the national favorite Robin Williams warned of Joe Biden’s rapidly declining mental state. Williams explained that even back in 2009, Biden appeared to have cognitive issues already present. Since then, 11 years have passed, which means Biden’s mental state has continued to degrade.

Ramblin’ Joe
When Bidden speaks, he often falls into long, drawn-out, and incoherent speeches, mostly gibberish. In 2009, Joe’s mental state was so bad that most people didn’t take him seriously, either. Including the likes of Robin Williams. If Williams were still alive, he probably would still have a field day with the incoherent ramblings of the new presidential candidate for the DNC. Biden’s mental state has also declined so far that he said if you don’t vote for Biden, then “You ain’t black.”.

Hollywood Running Campaign Interference
Now Hollywood has been seen trying to support Ramblin’ Joe in several desperate attempts. Ramblin’ Joe is how Robin Williams referred to Joe Biden back in 2009. Even then, the cognitive decline of Joe Biden was clear. Both parties, the Republicans and Democrats, understood that cognitive decline didn’t offer any pushback against critics or comedians like Williams.

In his special on HBO, Robin Williams even cracked a more straightforward joke about Joe Biden to the audience, saying, “Joe says shit that even people with Tourettes go, “No! No! What is going on?”. This cognitive decline has been apparent to anyone with a smartphone or computer for the past decade. Most, if not all, of Joe Biden’s speeches, involve him incoherently rambling on about non-issues, often inserting racist phrases.

Robin Williams, who was and still is considered one of the greatest comedic geniuses, was perhaps far ahead of his time in his jokes about Ramblin’ Joe. Furthermore, Robin Williams was an avid supporter of the Democratic Party and even felt compelled to mention that to his audience. Even then, that didn’t stop Robin Williams from making the reality into a good joke. Williams joked, “Joe is like your uncle who’s on a new drug and hasn’t got the dosage right.”.

What’s more concerning, however, is whether or not Joe Biden will win the 2020 presidential nomination. So far, Joe Biden has called black journalists “junkies,” referred to his wife as his sister, and called all voters in Iowa fat. Joe Biden also said that voters in New Hampshire are “lying dog-faced pony soldiers,” whatever that means. But, it doesn’t stop there, Joe Biden also said poor kids are just as bright as white kids. Perhaps it’s no wonder that Biden has declined to take every cognitive test thrown at him. Instead, it would appear the DNC is happy to keep Biden quiet and push him through to the Oval Office in the 2020 presidential election.