In a heartwarming celebration, legendary actor Robert De Niro marked his daughter Gia’s first birthday with an intimate family gathering. The 80-year-old star, who welcomed Gia with his girlfriend Tiffany Chen last April, shared touching details of the event with Entertainment Tonight.

Describing the celebration as “very nice” and “sweet,” De Niro expressed immense joy and pride in his youngest daughter. “She’s pure joy,” he said. “There’s nothing about her, there’s no judgment, there’s no anything. She just is what she is, and it’s just pure joy for God’s sake.” The family celebrated with a small cake, capturing the essence of the special occasion.

De Niro’s reflections on fatherhood at his age offer a unique perspective. One of Hollywood’s most iconic figures, De Niro is no stranger to the challenges and rewards of parenting. Gia is his seventh child, joining a blended family that includes his eldest daughter Drena, 51, whom he adopted with his former wife, Diahnne Abbott. The couple also has a son, Raphael, 47. De Niro later had twin sons, Julian and Aaron, 28, via surrogate with model Toukie Smith. Additionally, he shares two children, Elliot, 25, and Helen, 12, with his ex-wife Grace Hightower.

The actor’s family life has seen its share of highs and lows. While De Niro has four grandchildren, he endured the heartbreaking loss of one last July. Reflecting on the unpredictability of raising children, he told The Guardian, “It’s always good and mysterious, and you don’t know what the hell is going to happen.”

De Niro candidly acknowledges that while he remains actively involved in Gia’s life, much of the day-to-day parenting is managed by Chen. “I’m there, I support my girlfriend. But she does the work. And we have help, which is so important,” he admitted. He praised Chen for her dedication and emphasized the significance of a supportive network.

Parenting at different stages presents unique challenges, something De Niro is well-versed in. “With a baby, it’s different than with my 11-year-old, my adult children, my grandchildren. It’s all different,” he remarked, appreciating the diverse experiences and challenges that come with parenting across generations.

De Niro’s personal life has often been a focal point due to his illustrious career and high-profile relationships. His unwavering commitment to his family, despite his demanding career, is evident. Even at 80, De Niro finds joy and fulfillment in fatherhood, navigating the complexities with grace and resilience.

In summary, Robert De Niro’s celebration of his daughter Gia’s first birthday was a deeply personal and heartfelt affair. His reflections on fatherhood highlight his appreciation for the efforts of his girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, and his enjoyment of the different stages of parenting. Despite the challenges of being an older parent, De Niro’s enduring commitment to his family shines through, cherishing each moment with his children and grandchildren.