Rob Reiner, once a prominent figure in Hollywood, seems to have hit rock bottom with his latest cinematic endeavor. The director, known for his incessant social media rants against conservatives and former President Donald Trump, attempted to capitalize on his political fervor with a documentary aimed at disparaging white Christians. However, the results were nothing short of catastrophic.

Reiner’s film, titled “God & Country: The Rise of Christian Nationalism,” not only failed to resonate with audiences but also tanked spectacularly at the box office. Despite extensive promotion across leftist networks and social media platforms, the movie barely made a dent in theaters, earning a pitiful $38,415 over four days.

Critics have not been kind to Reiner’s recent work, with some comparing it to his notorious 1994 flop, “North.” Legendary critic Roger Ebert famously panned the film, declaring it as “one of the worst movies ever made.” It seems Reiner’s descent into mediocrity has only continued since then, with only two minor box office successes in the past two decades.

One can’t help but question how Reiner continues to secure funding for his projects despite his prolonged string of failures. His dedication to leftist causes and relentless attacks on conservatives may have granted him a pass in Hollywood circles, but his latest misstep begs the question: when will common sense prevail?

Perhaps this failure will serve as a wake-up call for Reiner, signaling the end of his career as a filmmaker. Unless, of course, you happen to stumble upon his incessant rants on social media platforms like X, where his presence remains as ubiquitous as ever.

In an industry increasingly driven by ideological agendas, Reiner’s downfall serves as a cautionary tale. As audiences grow weary of political grandstanding masquerading as entertainment, Hollywood would do well to heed the lessons of Reiner’s cinematic demise.

The era of using the silver screen as a soapbox for leftist propaganda may be coming to an end, and Rob Reiner’s latest box office disaster may just be the final nail in the coffin.