It is good to give the brain a workout every now and then.

A simple way to give your brain a workout is by doing riddles. One riddle is that three doctors say that they have a brother named Robert. However, Robert does not have any brothers. How could that be?

The answer to that question is the doctors are all female.Here is another riddle that will strain your brain. John is looking at Sarah. Sarah is looking at Paul. Paul is not married. John is married.

Is an unmarried person looking at a married person? The answer to that question is yes. This is another riddle that may be difficult at first glance. There are 10 fish in a tank. Three die, two drown and four swim away.

How many fish are left in the tank? The correct answer is 10 because the fish are not able to get out of the tank.

This is also a difficult riddle. A woman shoots her husband underwater and then hangs him. Five minutes later, they go out to dinner. How can this happen?

The answer to that question is the woman did not murder her husband. She was a photographer and was taking photos of him.