Are you feeling under the weather but have a special vacation planned? It might be difficult to determine whether it’s best to push forward with your plans or reschedule. The decision ultimately depends on how sick you feel and how integral this excursion is for you. So, if any doubt lingers in your mind, prioritize getting well by taking a break from reality and planning something else later down the line!

To commemorate Alejandra Gere’s 40th birthday, famous actor Richard Gere and his family are reveling in the sun-soaked paradise of Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. This special trip has been a long time coming for them!

To commemorate her special day, Richard and Alejandra took their children to the beach for a fun-filled vacation that is still ongoing. In fact, they’ve been having such an incredible time at the seashore that it feels like there’s no end in sight!

On her special day, Alejandra shared a photo of herself walking on the shoreline with her kids. The accompanying caption contained an ominous hint that sickness had been impacting their household. She said, “Thank you all for the birthday wishes.. after almost 3 weeks of everyone being sick in our family today finally I feel much better! Thank you for all the love. I give it all back to you!”

Reports from near the Gere family shared with TMZ uncovered that Richard had a cough before he traveled to Mexico, which unfortunately worsened during his stay. His condition deteriorated so severely that he was required to seek medical help from a hospital.

On a day that is still unknown, Richard was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with pneumonia. Fortunately, he only spent one night at the medical center before being discharged.

Alejandra posted an exhilarating photo of Richard and his family walking on a beach. Although Richard can be seen wearing a face mask, Alejandra optimistically commented that “he is recovering. He is feeling much better today! The worst has already pass!”. This uplifting news is sure to bring comfort to all who follow her page!