There has been a lot of research to try to find a cure of some kind for cancer or a way to slow down the development of cancer cells.

Researchers have recently discovered that there is an elephant protein that could destroy cancer cells in humans. The work was done at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

It’s taken a few years, but Dr. Joshua Schiffman believes that his team has made a breakthrough.


Elephants have had over 50 million years of development to produce something in the blood that can help humans. Because of the size of elephants and the high number of cells in the body, elephants should get cancer at some point. However, that’s rarely heard of, and it’s likely because of the proteins in the blood.


The protein taken from the blood of elephants has been synthesized. The researchers have started to use the protein on cancer cells in petri dishes. The cells are dying very quickly.

There is a lab in Israel that is working with the institute to try to produce a larger amount of the protein. The next step is to test the protein on mice and dogs before attempting to test it on humans.