The news reporters are always on the lookout for a good story. A news reporter recently visited an animal shelter to look for a story they could cover. The reporter didn’t think he could only get a story from the animal shelter; he also got a new pet. The journalist mainly focused on finding a good story that they could share after getting back from the animal shelter. One of the animal shelter puppies approached the journalist, grabbed their leg, and refused to let go. Something drew the pet towards the man, and she felt like he would make a perfect human. A dog is never that clingy to a human being they are not familiar with in most cases. A dog also becomes clingy when you have treats for it. In this case, the journalist didn’t have any treats for the pup. The dog seemed tired, and it could not imagine spending another day in the shelter.

The dog’s actions were somewhat confusing, and the journalist wasn’t sure about how to go about it. However, he would encourage the pooch’s friendly behavior. As he was reporting, he began petting the puppy. The emotional hug by the dog greatly shocked the journalist. The journalist felt the love and saw it fit to reciprocate the favor. Ge hugged the dog back, and at that moment, he realized they were perfect for each other. They were meant to be, which is why the journalist adopted the puppy and brought it back home. The adorable interaction between the dog and the journalist was recorded and shared on different social media platforms. The clip touched numerous hearts throughout the globe. It served as an excellent example of how dogs choose humans. The video was 30 seconds long. While watching the video, you could realize that a dog can show you some of the beautiful things in life. Videos that have happy endings are heartwarming. In this video, the pup showcased all that. Not every dog has had the chance to lead a happy life. There is a reason why humans and dogs are best friends.

Once the journalist cultivates a good relationship with the pup, they will have an unbreakable bond. If you want to incorporate a dog into your life, you should consider adopting one from the animal shelter. There are many dogs in the streets. Unfortunately, not all of them have a chance to get a good home. They end up in animal shelters, and they have low chances of being adopted. Some of these animals get euthanized too. When you adopt a dog, you are saving it and making it a part of your family. The shelter space will also be open such that more animals can be rescued from the streets. You should also remember that the adopted dogs are loyal and loving compared to the ones being sold. You should offer the animals in the shelter a chance to lead a happy life. Also, make sure that you are fully ready to take one of the pet’s home.