In a world where Christian rock was once considered an oxymoron, the winds of change have blown through the genre, and one famous rock star is sounding the alarm about the ongoing attempts to undermine Christianity. Before the 1990s, Christian music was often synonymous with choirs, organs, and traditional hymns. However, as churches sought innovative ways to connect with younger generations, more progressive congregations emerged, introducing a new era of electrifying music into their worship.

This musical revolution paved the way for the birth of Christian rock, a genre that has now firmly established itself in the mainstream. Bands like Creed, Flyleaf, POD, Thousand Foot Crutch, Switchfoot, and Skillet have not only sold millions of records but also garnered awards and played sold-out shows to throngs of rock music enthusiasts.

Today, it’s commonplace to find community churches featuring full electric bands every Sunday, belting out reimagined contemporary classics and fresh Christian rock anthems. This approach has successfully drawn younger individuals back to the pews, breathing new life into congregations. However, recent events have left many concerned that simply being musically hip and trendy might not be enough to safeguard Christianity.

At the forefront of this genre is Skillet, a band formed in 1996 by John Cooper, which now includes his wife Korey Cooper, Jen Ledger, and Seth Morrison. Their hard-hitting music struck a chord with the early 2000s rock scene, catapulting them to stardom with hit after hit. Remarkably, Skillet achieved all of this without compromising their sound, message, or faith. Today, with eleven studio albums under their belt, they continue to thrive, delivering both powerful music and a profound message.

But it’s not just their music that has made waves. John Cooper, Skillet’s founder and lead singer, has taken his message beyond the stage. His latest book, “WIMPY WEAK and WOKE: How Truth Can Save America From Utopian Destruction,” has sent shockwaves through liberal circles. In a recent interview, Cooper asserted, “There is a revolution to tear down the underpinnings of what built America – Christian civilization. There is a revolution to tear down Christianity in all aspects of our culture, traditions, sexual mores, theology, and values.”

Cooper also hosts a popular YouTube series where he analyzes current events from a Christian perspective, sparking further controversy among liberals. In his book, he outlines the stark contrast between the woke movement and the path of Christianity, stating, “The divergent sides will lead to either a pluralistic society of tolerance or the principles of the Kingdom of God. The book delves into critical race theory, gender identity, statism, anti-Americanism, DEI, socialism, Marxism, the assault on civil liberties and religion, and progressive Christianity.”

Cooper’s most scathing criticism is reserved for the term “woke,” which he defines as “PC culture on steroids through a lens of Neo-Marxism.” He argues that true Christians should stand against actual racism and sexism while rejecting fabricated accusations of these issues. For him, being “woke” means fighting for justice, caring for the poor, and upholding Christian values.

“Wimpy, Weak, and Woke” serves as a follow-up to Cooper’s bestselling debut, “Awake and Alive.” Early previews suggest that this book will be a sharp rebuke of woke culture, affirming John Cooper and Skillet’s commitment to making music, spreading their message, and challenging radical ideologies. In a world rife with division and uncertainty, their unyielding dedication to faith and truth shines brightly.

In conclusion, the evolution of Christian rock from an unlikely pairing to a powerful force in contemporary music is nothing short of remarkable. And as John Cooper and Skillet continue to use their platform to defend Christianity and traditional values, they remind us that faith can be a powerful and enduring force in an ever-changing world.