In a surprising turn of events, the venerable media mogul Rupert Murdoch, at the distinguished age of 92, has publicly revealed his forthcoming engagement to the esteemed retired scientist Elena Zhukova, aged 67. Their love story, ignited by a chance introduction through Murdoch’s third wife, Wendi Deng, has captivated the attention of many.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Murdoch’s recent disengagement from his previous fiancĂ©e, former police chaplain and vineyard owner Ann Lesley Smith, barely a fortnight after its initial revelation. According to insiders divulging to, Murdoch and Zhukova’s courtship ignited in August, evidenced by their joint Mediterranean cruise during a familial summer retreat. Now, amidst the buzz of excitement, they are fervently planning a summer wedding to commemorate their union.

Renowned for being the mother of Dasha Zhukova, a socialite with ties to Russian oligarchy through her marriage to Roman Abramovich, Elena Zhukova shares a close bond with Wendi Deng and Dasha. It’s rumored that Elena’s introduction to the media tycoon was facilitated through these mutual connections, underscoring the significance of pre-existing relationships in the course of romance.

With wedding invitations dispatched, the stage is set for a June ceremony at Murdoch’s opulent California estate, Moraga, as first reported by The New York Times. Zhukova, a twice-divorced molecular biologist, has been a fixture in America since her relocation from Russia in 1991. Prior to retirement, she made substantial contributions to medical research at UCLA, and now, she revels in her role as grandmother to Dasha’s children from her previous marriage.

Meanwhile, Dasha Zhukova, having moved on from her divorce with Abramovich to marry billionaire heir Stavros Niarchos, adds another layer of intrigue to the familial tapestry surrounding Murdoch. Murdoch himself, a seasoned veteran of matrimony with four prior marriages and six children, made headlines when he announced his decision to step down as chairman of Fox and News Corp, passing the torch to his eldest son, Lachlan Murdoch.

Indeed, Murdoch’s romantic saga has been nothing short of tumultuous, characterized by a series of engagements and marriages. His whirlwind romance with Ann Lesley Smith swiftly followed his divorce from fourth wife Jerry Hall, a spectacle that enthralled the media. Despite the intricacies of his personal life, Murdoch remains resolute in his belief that this engagement marks the final chapter of his romantic journey.

As Murdoch and Zhukova embark on this new phase of their lives, their union becomes a beacon of hope and renewal, showcasing the enduring power of love amidst life’s twists and turns. With their impending union, the couple eagerly anticipates a future filled with joy and fulfillment, surrounded by cherished loved ones as they embark on this extraordinary journey together.