After months of hard work, two inmates in Virginia succeeded in their escape plan and ran through the streets with one thought on their minds: pancakes. Using tools they had crafted from toothbrushes to carve a hole into the walls of their cells, these resourceful criminals experienced freedom for only minutes before being apprehended by authorities at an IHOP where they indulged in fluffy stacks of buttery bliss.

After Arley V. Nemo, 43, and John M. Garza, 37 escaped the Newport News Jail Annex Monday evening without being counted in the 7 pm headcount, they were quickly captured nine hours later at a nearby IHOP restaurant with their faces buried in an enormous stack of pancakes and sticky syrup – a scene that spoke to their undeniable craving for indulgence!

The cunning criminals from the Virginia jail found a structural “flaw” in their prison which allowed them to craft primitive tools with metal objects, toothbrushes, and other materials they could find. Once free of their cells, they made it all the way to the outer wall before scaling over it and outrunning authorities – this according to an official report released by Newport News Sheriff’s Office.

After making a daring break from their Virginia jail, two inmates journeyed approximately 6.5 miles to the nearest IHOP and indulged in a stack of pancakes with syrup! For nine thrilling hours, they were free before being apprehended by authorities and brought back to prison – promptly placed into cells once again.

From a photo outside the Newport News Sheriff’s Department, it appears that these determined inmates managed to break through two layers of walls with their improvised tools in an attempt to find freedom and finally enjoy some pancakes at IHOP.

The two men will be accused of escaping, among other wrongdoings in connection to their nine-hour journey to IHOP. Consequently, they were not allowed bail when taken back into custody following their escape.

The thrilling prison break serves as a vivid reminder of how easily a jail can be infiltrated if inmates are equipped with the right equipment and remain determined to escape. This emphasizes why prisons must perpetually have appropriate security precautions in place, for two convicts were brought back into custody due to pancakes! One could only imagine what might have transpired had these prisoners successfully managed to elude imprisonment for any extended period.