Many people, except those involved with the UFC or its fan base, would claim they had never heard of Colby Covington. So, who exactly is Colby Covington, and why have we only now become aware of him? Colby Covington is a martial artist who competes in the UFC. Covington, a native of Clovis, California, competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Welterweight division from 2008 to 2010. (UFC). According to MMA Fighting, Covington is also the current interim UFC Welterweight Champion, and he is currently rated first in the UFC rankings as of June 2021. He had a respectable track record, and his professional development appeared to be on the rise. However, he has earned notoriety not for his sporting successes, particularly among non-fans or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) enthusiasts, but rather for his controversial disparaging statements directed towards a well-known basketball star, Lebron James, which have sparked widespread outrage.

Most people are familiar with LeBron James; he is the NBA’s Most Valuable Player, and his awards and exploits in the game speak volumes about him. On the other hand, Lebron James is well-known not only for his contributions to the game but also for his accomplishments as an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is deeply committed to humanitarian causes. His estimated net worth is roughly $850 million, according to Forbes magazine. However, they don’t appear to be friends and do not appear to have any professional connections with one another. Colby, on the other hand, was not deterred from pursuing NBA MVP Lebron James. According to his Twitter account, Colby, who has long expressed his disdain for NBA players whom he considers to be “spineless,” launched a frontal attack on LeBron James in September 2020. The UFC fighter asserted that he was capable of taking down Lebron. The former NBA player claimed in 2010 that he would have done the same thing to Delonte West if he could, probably referring to an unproven 2010 report that West and Lebron Jame’s mother were involved in a sexual relationship at the time. Delonte West, a former NBA player, denied these allegations in a 2011 interview with the entertainment news website TMZ. With all of this unwanted attention, some wonder why Covington opted to assault without being provoked by LeBron James. Covington, regrettably, did not stop at that point. He’s gone on several Twitter rants and has even made derogatory remarks during press conferences, all of which have been received with a deafening silence by LeBron, who has not responded to the fighter’s attacks.

In addition to his rhetorical attacks, he has engaged in what many have labeled a “clout-seeking enterprise” in his recent activities. Instead, a t-shirt with LeBron’s name and a nasty remark clumsily put on it is being criticized this time around. On his Twitter account, the former UFC welterweight champion posted this, along with a photo of himself flanked by two scantily clad females, in which he called out the NBA player as a ‘Spineless Coward.’ This is just the latest in a long list of attacks that he has launched on a near-daily basis in recent years. Many people are left scratching their heads about why he opted to draw his attention to himself rather than his professional achievements. Lebron has not responded to any of the criticism against him.