A mere 90 minutes after Neena Pacholke, a cheerful news anchor in Wisconsin acquired her handgun from the gun store, she took her own life. Before pulling the trigger and ending it all, she sent a text to one of her closest friends that served as an unofficial suicide note. Pacholke’s message detailed the heartbreaking revelation that her fiancé was unfaithful to her and even expressed his loathing of her. Yet, he would find solace in knowing that she had selected an explosive way to put a definitive end to her own life – with the firearm she had recently bought.

With only seven weeks to go before their wedding day, news anchor Ali Pacholke’s fiancé Kyle Haase threw in the towel on their relationship. After two years of tumultuous courtship and constant infidelity from Haase, his actions had taken a toll on Pacholke emotionally.

Pacholke confided in a close friend that she had returned to her lavish $390,000 home located in Wausau, Wisconsin with her fiancé Haase only to discover an unfamiliar pair of panties. Tragically, Pacholke perished due to a gunshot injury sustained at the house they recently acquired together.

Minutes before Pacholke’s tragic suicide, she contacted a close friend who made an urgent call to the 911 dispatcher requesting authorities conduct a welfare check on her at her Wisconsin home. Unfortunately, they arrived too late as when they reached the scene of the news anchor’s residence, she had already taken her own life.

Come the morning of August 27, 2022, police officers were dispatched to find Pacholke too late. In a preemptive act of self-preservation and protection from her destructive behaviors, Haase had removed all firearms in their shared home the day before she took her own life. Nevertheless, the Wisconsin news anchor was effortlessly able to purchase a new firearm at a gun shop in close proximity to her home and used it within moments of buying it to take her own life.

While on his way to Minnesota for a family visit, Haase communicated with Pacholke who nonchalantly disclosed that she was going to take some drastic action but withheld the specifics of her suicide attempt from him.

Haase was concerned for Pacholke’s wellbeing, especially after she refused to share details of her plans, so he contacted the police and requested a welfare check.

At 11:20 am, officers arrived at the Wausau home, knocking on the front door with no response. As they investigated further around its perimeter, a loud crash reverberated and rattled like that of gunshots or an object colliding into other items. Alarmed by this noise, they decided to investigate inside further.

After the gunshot, officers delayed entering the residence for half an hour. Upon entry, they immediately noticed a gunpowder odor coming from the bedroom and discovered Pacholke in a closet with her firearm near her body. Coated in blood, she had sustained gun wounds that left bullet holes on the wall due to bullets passing through her torso into the drywall behind it.