Normal Politics or Something Else? You Tell Us

It seems that Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Restaurant is in hot water right now. Someone came across a not-so-savory sign and informed the media about it. I am going to warn the readers that some of you might find this offensive in nature:


A reporter sat down with the owner, Bill Davis, to talk about the sign and what it means. According to Bill, he is the one who posted the sign for the community to see.


According to him, he did it in response to a comment made by former Presidential candidate and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. We asked him why he did it. According to Mr. Davis, she called Trump supporters “deplorable”.

“She outright called me a deplorable. I resent that. I am not deplorable, She is for calling me that. I mean, I do not normally get into mud-slinging, but if she is going to take it there, then I will”.

Mr. Davis’s response is something you might hear from a lot of Trump supporters across America.

I am not here to get bogged down into the personal politics of Trump and his views. I try to stay away from that sort of thing.

Mr. Davis went on further, to say, that he got tired of it all. He said there is only so much you can hear that from someone before you lose it.

That is just what he did.

We asked if he felt unsure about posting the sign for the public to see.

“I did. I was not sure how it would go over. I knew some people might take offense to the matter, but reached a point where I did not care. I am within my rights to place this sign. I am also free to support who I choose. I get that a lot of people do not like Trump. I do. I support him 100%. That is what you do”.

Mr. Davis has heard from a lot of people since posting that sign.

“Yeah. I have heard from a lot of people. I have heard from several lawmakers even. Did I lose some customers due to this? Yes. I did. I lost a lot of long-term customers. Many of them bothered by what I did. However, I do not care. I take a stand for my rights. I am proud to support our president, just as they are free to not support him”.

Several non-Trump supports have voiced their opinion in reaction to what Mr. David did. Several included things like, “Do not bring politics into your place of business” and “this shows the mentality we are dealing with here”.

We asked Mr. Davis if he had any regrets.

“No. Never did and never will. I have ordered extra signs in case others try to take the current one down. People around here get offended over the littlest thing. I speak my mind and I do not think some can handle it. Listen, I do not discriminate. We might not have the same politics, but everyone is welcome in my restaurant”.

Let us know in the comment section below. Do you agree with what Mr. Bill Davis from Sarosata did? Do you agree with his support for President Trump?