After a lengthy search, the New Hampshire Police Department declared that five-year-old Harmony Montgomery was taken from this world in December of 2019. Despite no physical body being found, authorities have gathered enough “biological” proof to rule out her mysterious disappearance as a homicide. One year after vanishing from her mother’s house in 2019, police are still struggling for answers about what occurred to little Harmony and hope this evidence will help them get closer to finding justice for her family.

Sadly, Harmony’s short life was filled with devastating circumstances. She endured a cycle of being sent to different social services organizations and suffered from abuse, neglect, and other heartbreaking forms of mistreatment by her parents.

In September 2021, law enforcement eventually intervened in Harmony’s whereabouts. Unfortunately by that stage, she had been gone for two years and the odds of even the most skilled police officers successfully locating her were diminishing with time away from her mother.

At last, a press conference on Thursday brought clarity and closure to the Harmony case that had long been sought after by the small New Hampshire community.

John Formella, New Hampshire Attorney General, confirmed that law enforcement would cease search efforts for the missing individual and instead focus on hunting down the malevolent perpetrator responsible for brutally slaying five-year-old Harmony.

The police are tirelessly hunting for the killer of this innocent child, and have kept information about the evidence found confidential. Even after all these years, they still haven’t located her remains but remain hopeful in their search.

New Hampshire officials urgently urge the public to come forward if they have any information regarding what happened to young Harmony in December 2019.

Manchester Chief of Police Allen Aldenberg stated, “There are people out there who have yet to come forward… do it for this little girl.”

With “recently uncovered biological evidence”, law enforcement is close to apprehending the perpetrator behind Harmony’s death. Nevertheless, they have not yet gone public with this information in order to prevent them from disappearing and evading justice imposed by New Hampshire authorities.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu stated: “Our greatest fears were confirmed today, and now our efforts shift to ensuring justice for Harmony. I commend the tireless dedication of the law enforcement community for their unwavering efforts and commitment to transparency and recognize they have much work ahead of them. We have come to know Harmony through her bright smiles in her photos, and she will not soon be forgotten by her fellow Granite Staters.”

As reported by Daily Mail, Blair Miller—the adoptive father of Harmony’s biological brother Jamison—declared: “We will forever question why so many steps in the legal process were missed and ignored before decisions were made to reunite Harmony with her father and to deprive her and Jamison of a life together. As we work to be part of the process to bring change to the system that failed Harmony and our son, we are aware that many aspects of Harmony and Jamison’s cases should have been treated differently.”