After a homeless man beat Chrustic’s golden retriever to death with a stick in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, the dog owner spoke out about how the NYPD failed to act. Woke locals had claimed that because the man was Black, he was “vulnerable” and should not be targeted by police. 40-year-old Jessica Chrustic now wants people to know that even after her dog was killed in such a brutal way, she didn’t receive any help from local law enforcement.

Chrustic rode with NYPD officers in search of the homeless suspect but was unsuccessful in finding the man she claimed did the deed. According to a report published in the New York Post, the NYPD is closing its investigation.

“When they’d dropped me off, I thanked them for their time, and that’s when they informed me that they were closing the case,” Chrustic said.

On August 3, 2022, Chrustic was out for a walk with her golden retriever Moose in a Brooklyn park when they were both attacked by a homeless man. Unfortunately, due to internal injuries from being beaten with a stick, Moose died days later.

Although Chrustic originally looked to the internet for help in getting justice for her dog, Brooklyn locals eventually decided that police should not confront the homeless man responsible for killing the animal. This is due largely to his vulnerable status as a black man.

In a statement, an NYPD spokesperson disputed Chrustic’s claim that the police department had closed the case and said: “The investigation is active and ongoing.”

“Since the incident, the NYPD has continuously taken investigative measures to bring the individual responsible to justice,” the department stated. “The NYPD has conducted canvasses of the park with witnesses, posted images of the suspect, and increased patrols in the area.”

The attack happened early in the morning on August 3, 2022, while Chrustic was walking Moose through Prospect Park. They found a man going through a trashcan for food and other stuff that was located next to the walking path.

Chrustic recalls the man attacking Moose and herself, throwing a bottle of what she initially thought was urine at them. He then used a stick to lash out and hit both her and Moose as the dog protected Chrustic.

During the attack, Chrustic escaped with only minor injuries. Moose was not as fortunate; his tooth shattered and he later died from sepsis due to a perforated intestine – an internal injury the vets had missed initially.

The situation has become a topic of debate in Park Slope, which is located next to the western part of the park. Some residents have called for law enforcement to find the person responsible, while others believe that social justice should be given to the man because he is Black.

Neighbor Martin Lofsnes took to NextDoor to post, “Four hundred years of systematic racism which has prevented black people from building generational wealth through homeownership resulting in the extreme disparity we see today.”

Should the police search for the man who killed the dog?