A man who was discovered to have more than 1,000 stolen eggs in his fridge claimed he took them for personal consumption after working at the factory where they were produced.

On top of that, he had written the dates in pen on them to ensure that he did not forget when to eat the next eggy delight.

Police discovered a security guard named Gu, aged 47, smuggling two luggage loads of stolen goods from a factory in Pinghu City, China.

More than 1,000 eggs were discovered in his refrigerator, as well as meat, soaps, tissues, and detergent.

‘I can’t recall how many times I’ve stolen,’ Xu added. ‘Probably hundreds of occasions, if not more. Everything in my home has been taken.’

“He was a security guard,” the factory’s spokesperson said. “We are as surprised as everyone else that it was him.”

‘We assumed he was a hardworking and diligent guard who loved working late shifts because he didn’t have anyone to go home to.’

We’ve discovered that he did it so that he could go unnoticed as he roamed about and stole.

Security guards at factories typically hold positions of considerable trust. Companies depend upon these employees to help thwart thefts and other types of security threats that potentially cost manufacturing businesses time and money.

One business enterprise in China encountered problems recently because a 43-year old security guard named “Gu” engaged in a pattern of repeated petty thefts and rule infractions. His misdeeds only came to light after police searched his apartment and discovered his employer’s property filling the premises. Gu had worked as a guard for a manufacturing company during the night shift.

The Chinese government did not reveal what types of products the plant produced. When law enforcement personnel visited his apartment, police discovered a refrigerator on the premises crammed with approximately 1,000 eggs and three shelves of meat items stolen from Gu’s employer.

Additionally, hundreds of bars of soap, boxes of tissue and cleaning products that had gone missing from the workplace turned up in Gu’s apartment. A spokesperson from the factory expressed the company’s sense of disappointment and betrayal.

He noted that the firm had considered Gu, a bachelor, a “hardworking and dutiful guard” who preferred working nights because of his single status. Instead, the spokesman observed, Gu had sought the night-time shift in order to gain access to the business to steal when few other people occupied the area. He had roved through the plant pilfering food and supplies.

A guy was captured with more than 1,000 taken eggs in his refrigerator after he pinched them from work.

The security personnel, whose surname is Gu, was captured red handed smuggling 2 suitaces of products out of the food factory where he operated in Pinghu City, China.

Cops later on discovered more than 1,000 eggs in his refrigerator, all of which had actually been carefully identified with a use-by date.

They likewise discovered meat, soap, boxes of tissues and bottles of cleaning agent.

Plainly splitting under the pressure, Gu confessed to the theft, describing that he “actually liked eggs”.