It seems like an American food staple is now being labeled as racist due to some historical issues relating to how it came about. The food in question is known as apple pie. In fact, according to Raj Patel, a food writer for The Guardian, has gone as far as to trace the controversial roots of the favorite dessert to uncover how the apple pie came to be hundreds of years ago.

Patel claims that the pie´s origins are centered around enslavement during the time of colonialism in the Americas. As well as the fact that apples were among the cargo as the colonists left Asia. Details of the apple pie theory lie within his article talking about food injustice. It includes his personal opinions of how the pie has dark beginnings shortly after arriving to the Americas. It is not the first time that Patel has shined light upon controversy, as he participated in several other sympathies having an anarchist flare, like the 1999 Seattle protest involving the World Trade Organization. In his apples article, Patel explained the travels of the apple in which it made its way via the Columbian Exchange, which is now interpreted as being a genocidal undertaking affecting the original settlers.

It is believed that the apple was a way to symbolize a new property or country and that ¨Johnny Appleseed¨ used the apple to create a foundation of the symbolization that helped form the frontier. Other than the main apple ingredient, Patel also labeled the crust of the pie as being racist due to the sugar added within the ingredients and the way sugar was imported into the country.