Dr. Ashlye V. Wilkerson is an accomplished speaker, writer, success coach, and daughter. Her father, Anthony “Tony” Geddis passed away from cancer several years ago; however, she recently wrote a heartwarming piece about the time she spent with her dad during one of his chemotherapy visits on March 28th shortly before he passed away.

She took to LinkedIn to share her experience, writing:

“We heard a siren and saw a blue light coming behind us. I immediately looked down and to the sign on my right to see what speed I was doing and the speed limit. I then realized that the speed limit changed from what I was previously going by. When asked by the officer, I apologized and admitted that I didn’t see the change in the limit. I immediately complied and provided my license and registration upon request.”

However, her father refused to sit by idly and watch his daughter get a ticket.

She continued in her post:

“As you always did, you quickly jumped into my defense. Your voice was low as you were still a little weak from treatment. You shared with him that I was your baby girl and we were returning to SC from your cancer treatments in NC. The officer nodded and went back to the car.”

Wilkerson was worried about what this meant for his long walk back to his car.

The post went on to explain:

“When he came back, he asked you if he heard correctly that you had cancer. Once you confirmed, the officer took a deep breath. He sighed and said that he too had loved ones who battled cancer as well.”

“He asked if he could pray with you. You welcomed the prayers with gratitude and informed him that you’re a deacon of your church. You proudly shared your love for Christ and your belief that God’s will would be done… When you all were done, there was a small silver cross that he placed in your hand for you to keep with you as a symbol of your faith.”

Wilkerson told her father that she had been speeding, fully expecting to pay the fine. But he said he didn’t want that to be on his mind and thankfully, she got off with just a warning.

Though the two left with different material items, they both felt love in their heart.

Trooper Jaret Doty of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol spoke to CNN, saying that Geddis’ body language and demeanor led him to believe something was wrong. As a father himself, he respected the desire of the girl’s father to protect her.

He remembered thinking: “I said that if I could touch one person, or help somebody get through their illness, I would do it.”

On the day Wilkerson was pulled over, Geddis got his chance. That’s why he stayed by his car for so long afterward and appreciated the opportunity. He said this was a prayer out loud for another driver–the first time ever.

Wilkerson also caught the touching conversation between the police officer and her father which she kept private because her dad had recently passed away.