When a car company can tell you that your vehicle is safe, they sell more vehicles. People do not want to expose their children or themselves to risk while driving about their daily routine. While you have no control over other drivers on the road, you do have power over what you do. And as more automobile manufacturers incorporate more safety equipment into their cars, you may feel safer knowing that your vehicle has them.

However, if you don’t understand how the latest high-tech features operate, they won’t help you. Police officers have observed that many individuals are unaware of a simple safety feature that comes standard in all automobiles. They want you to be aware of it so that you and your loved ones can defend yourselves accordingly.

Officer John Perrine is an Indiana state trooper. He has a passion for his work and wants to do the community a favor. Because he noticed that many people were unaware of this vehicle function, he pulled out his phone and recorded a video explanation of it. And as he puts it, when properly utilized, the safety mechanism has saved lives.

“What if I told you there’s a feature on every car that’s standard that’ll not only prevent crashes but also help prevent road rage?”

Officer Perrine has certainly piqued my interest. There will be fewer car accidents and road rage? Yes, please!

He goes to his automobile to show us where the safety feature is located. And, as you can see, it’s right at hand for anyone sitting in the driver’s seat. He then points out a safety device that may prevent fatalities and accidents. It’s a stick that projects from the steering wheel and is referred to as the “turning signal.”

Despite the fact that everyone knows about this feature, Officer Perrine maintains a straight face throughout his lesson. However, not all people are aware of it. You’ve undoubtedly seen individuals fail to indicate at stop signs or change lanes on the highway because they didn’t do it. They put everyone’s safety in danger when people don’t do it.

People don’t want to put down their coffee or phone, so they don’t utilize this life-saving feature. The officer also makes that point.

“It may require that you put down your coffee or cell phone, or whatever you have in your hands so that you can drive safely.”

The law as well as good manners demand that drivers use their turn signals. If you want to prevent collisions and road rage incidents, make use of your turn signal when changing lanes or turning.

“So please, use your turn signal,” Officer Perrine asks his audience.

With more drivers on the road each year, you must do all possible to keep safe. Accidents can happen, but not using your turning signal might put you in considerable danger.

When you’re on the road, follow Officer Perrine’s instructions and use your turn signal.

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