Alexa is a 23-year-old Instagram model from Miami, Florida with almost 1.5 million followers. She goes to exotic locations and posts sexy selfies for $65,000 annually. Alexa travels the world with boyfriend Alex Monopoly while charging $6000 for each post to Instagram.

Career Change

Alexa noticed that her online presence was increasing during 2018 and changed her career path from broadcast journalist to model. She was not aware of how much money could be made from Instagram until she started modeling on the social media platform. She discovered it was possible to make three times what she would have as a journalist and decided to take full advantage and open doors for herself in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Alexa is living with her millionaire boyfriend, an artist named Alec. The two met almost two years ago and are living an expensive lifestyle as a result of their combined efforts. Alexa does vlogging about beauty and fitness. She poses in bathing suits promotes products to earn from her posts, sometimes on the hood of an expensive car.

To Close to Home

Alexa is working on a line of active wear in addition to creating her image. The goal of her line of clothing is to make people look better. The lifestyle appears to be a fantasy, but Alexa has things such as marriage proposals and flowers sent directly to her home by someone she has never met. An anonymous follower sent gifts to the lobby of the building she was living in three years, and it scared Alexa because she thought she had kept her location private.

Pictures and Messages

Alexa has received pictures from men she doesn’t know and blocked them immediately. Her Instagram can get a lot of sour comments and messages that she claims to ignore. She believes the people who care about here are proud of her and that is what is important to her.

Keeping Up Appearances

Alexa is so devoted to her online appearance that she has spent five years on a strictly vegan diet combined with a fitness regimen. She has had cosmetic surgery totaling over $25,000. She says that the surgery was to enhance what she had, and it helped to increase her following in less than two years. The surgeries include lip fillers and augmentation in addition to enhancing other parts.

Her Take on Social Media

Alexa thinks that influencing on Instagram is still the thing to be doing and that once it isn’t, she is confident her followers will go where she goes. Working on Instagram has kept Alexa humble while being financially beneficial for her. The lesson for Alexa was to never get to caught up in the attention because she is still human. She wants to put out a positive energy for everyone and anyone she comes in contact with either in person or through social media.