It’s understandable that people sometimes choose to go without medication when their wallet is feeling the pinch. It can be costly for those with inadequate health insurance plans or no coverage at all, as finding a way to pay out of pocket often requires significant funds. Sadly, one man was denied access to his prescription medicine from Walmart Pharmacy because he wanted to use coins – making it clear why you should always opt for a pharmacy that values your well-being over profit alone.

In the viral video shared on Reddit, you can experience a Walmart pharmacy worker refusing to accept rolls of coins as payment from a man who claims it is his only method to afford his Rx at the time. He clearly explains that this was why he had brought them up to the counter and proposed them for reimbursement.

“So I can’t get my medication because you don’t take American money,” In the viral video, a man’s voice is heard addressing an employee at the Walmart pharmacy. “Is that what you’re saying? That you don’t take American money? That’s what it sounds like you’re claiming.”

In the video, after dropping a coin to the floor, the man graciously assists two Walmart employees behind the counter by bending over and picking up his own dropped item.

“This is ridiculous,” the man can be heard saying in the video obtained from Reddit. “You give us back change every day. What is so hard?”

“I (came) to buy my medication and you won’t take it,” In the video, one can hear the man clearly exclaiming that he is using coins to cover his medication costs.

The man’s words may sound familiar to countless Americans, particularly those weathering the financial storm that has blanketed our land.

“Not everybody is rich, you know. Not everybody has a credit card. This is money. It’s taken at every bank in the United States. It’s taken at every business in the United States except apparently by Walmart. Walmart doesn’t take American money. That’s what you’re saying. You just turned down American money. You’re saying it is worthless. Bye.”

Fuming, the man storms out of the Walmart pharmacy after discovering that his coin rolls were not accepted as payment for his prescriptions. As he departs, he alertly cautions those in line about how Walmart refuses “American money.”

The man’s actions have brought to light the contentious issue of whether pharmacies like this Walmart location should accept coins as a form of payment. Many individuals argue that these drug stores must do so since they are the source of life-saving medicines that everyone has an inalienable right to get hold of.