Gross’s Burgers is a restaurant based in Danville that has decided to display its patriotism. Some customers were uncomfortable with a certain racist bumper sticker the owner had placed because it was offensive, but he did not remove it. The restaurant owner was ready to bring down his business but could not compromise his love and declaration that everything in the country should be about the whites. The restaurant’s bumper sticker has been viral, and everyone globally, let alone the customers claim that it was racist and should be brought down. Indeed, some people claimed that the sticker was disgusting. However, the restaurant owner had supporters in this, because some people had similar political views. They argued that the sticker celebrated American and praised the American way of doing things patriotically. This sign advised the Marines not to be associated or even help the Arabic.

Brad Gross is the CEO of the restaurant, and he insists that the bumper sticker does not pose any threat. Indeed, he retaliates that it features among his patriotic possessions in the collection. Gross believes that his love for America is immeasurable and that the restaurant has been a symbol for this affection over the last decade since its establishment. The drive to have this racist sticker was fueled by a Marine who had gone to a battle in Iraq. The Marine gave him a sticker that justified his thoughts later but it seems the clients are not comfortable with this racist idea. Sam Schnelle is the client who exposed the CEO because she noted the racism in it and posted it, and within no time approximately 800 individuals had conquered with her. On calling the restaurant to know whether the sticker could be pulled down, she did not get the right response. The manager told Sam Schnelle that there were no plans to remove the bumper sticker. The manager was quite rude because he coitized people’s sensitivity of late and dismissed Sam’s recommendations, and within no time, hung up.

The complaints from people kept flowing in for years, and Gross remained firm in his decision. Brad Gross insisted that the sticker could not be removed because it was an idea sold to him by a fellow Marine. He said that he even wanted to employ more Marines in the restaurant whenever a chance came up. Brad Gross felt so indebted to the military Marines and the individuals who defended him amidst numerous complaints from the people who spotted racism in the bumper sticker. Several people are saddened by Gross’s rigidity to keep the sticker and shared their feelings on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, many Americans are out there cheering this kind of ignorance, and so need to be pitied because this is a pathetic approach to racism. Linguistic diversity must be applauded because it opens up opportunities in many ways. Rachel Parker advocated the Danville citizens to fight racism by boycotting the Grossburgers’ foodstuff. She told them to force the removal of this bumper sticker if the restaurant owner wants them back.