In a stunning revelation, a prophetic message from 1965 has resurfaced, painting a hauntingly accurate picture of the world we find ourselves in today. The renowned radio personality, Paul Harvey, captivated audiences across America from the 1950s to the 1990s, amassing an astonishing following of 25 million listeners each week.

Half a century ago, Harvey delivered a chilling warning that has now manifested itself before our very eyes. His words were an eerie glimpse into the future, foretelling a series of events that have unfolded over the past 53 years.

Harvey commenced his prophetic discourse by posing a provocative scenario, saying, “If I were the Devil…” With those words, he delved into the heart of the issues that plague our society today, issues that demand our attention and introspection.

The radio icon aptly remarked, “I would whisper that the Bible was a myth. I would convince them that man created God, instead of the other way around.” These words echo the growing secularization and skepticism that have permeated our culture, eroding the very foundations on which our nation was built.

Harvey went on to predict the disintegration of families, the fragmentation of churches, and the fracturing of nations. Regrettably, we can observe the truth of his words unfolding around us, as ideological battles tear at the fabric of our society.

He further highlighted the manipulation of cherished traditions, warning that Easter would be reduced to an egg and Christmas to a mere bottle. Today, we witness the commercialization and dilution of these sacred holidays, losing sight of their true significance amidst a sea of materialism.

Harvey’s words also drew attention to the erosion of traditional values. He lamented the abandonment of marriage in favor of a fleeting and hedonistic lifestyle, enticing the younger generation with the allure of promiscuity. This departure from the sanctity of marriage has become increasingly prevalent, leaving a void in the moral compass of our society.

As we reflect on Harvey’s prophetic message, we cannot ignore the grim reality that it has indeed come to pass. Divisions among the people have intensified, as ideological differences drive a wedge between friends, families, and even nations. Our once-unified nation now stands at odds with itself, straining the very essence of our democratic principles.

The prophet of the airwaves concluded his speech by expressing a lament for the state of our country. Back in 1965, the idea that Harvey’s words could become a stark reality seemed unfathomable. Yet here we are, grappling with the consequences of our choices and yearning for a return to the values that once anchored our nation.

In these uncertain times, it is essential to take heed of the wisdom that echoes through the decades. As Harvey’s prescient words ring true, we must find the courage to navigate a path towards unity, resolutely resisting the forces that seek to divide us.

To delve deeper into the profound insights shared by Paul Harvey, we encourage you to watch the full speech below.