More parents in the United States are now bringing their children up outside of the gender traditional norms. By raising kids outside of the traditional genders, both boys and girls are capable of playing with toys that are not intended for onegender over the other as well as clothing options available to both sexes. What most people are wondering is what makes the choice a good parenting choice.

Children who are capable of choosing their own traditions and such are children who are more safe and secure in their lifestyles. A boy or girl will be able to differentiate from the other because of their own feelings and well beings over someone who is assigned their own gender preference. The parents of these children are stating that it will help them to break the cycle of gender stereotypes for many years to come.

It was this type of style of parenting that started to bring attention to themselves back in 2011. There was a couple outside of Toronto in Canada which the parents allowed their child, Storm to be able to live without whichgender preference the parents wanted of him/her. If you are looking for other resources, there is a blog which allows the readers to listen to others who are raising their children the same way. The blog features a child that is learning how to live in the world without gender notifications.

When a child enters into a gender world, the trouble then comes from how to allow that child to continue living in such a world. It is very impossible for the child to remain in that state unless the child is raised in a community where that form of living is maintained. The problem that some parents are noticing is that it can make it easier for the child to become the target of a bully or to find themselves being excluded from many functions and events.

A couple who is raising twins are raising them in the gender neutral world. When the couple found out that they were expecting, the traditional gender reveal was something they struggled with. They discovered from the time that the fetus is 20 weeks old, the gender of the baby is no longer in question. It is at this point where the fetus begins to form an emotional attachment to their sex however if you bring that child or children into the world where their gender is not in direct question, the gender neutral position is created and allowing those children to discover their own personality and gender preference.

The topic of conversation is whether to raise your children as a he or she. Whether to associate the child/children with one gender over the other. For most people, the gender reveal allows for parents to become comfortable in what they are having as well as to prepare themselves for the baby. What most people do not know however is that when you bring a child into a home where it is surrounded by pink or blue, depending on the color is what your child will end up associating himself or herself with.

It has been suggested that the research scale for gender is most likely associated with the environment that the child is being subjected to.