A mother lives in perpetual terror after a ghost was caught on camera pushing her one-year-old baby to the ground. Ashley Scott, 34 years old and a mother, is scared that her house may be haunted and her baby boy Gavin is no longer safe inside the home. Scott has posted a video of what seems to be a ghost pushing her baby, and she is requesting help from the online community as they deal with their Elizabethton, Tennessee home which may be haunted.

Scott was not home when the ghost attacked Gavin. She was grocery shopping for her family for the week when Chris Geisler sent her a clip of the ghost pushing down her baby boy. Geisler sent the video to people he knew because Gavin “fell” in a way that looked odd as if he had been pushed down by some entity from another world.

Scott told reporters that she is now certain her son’s event was real and that they have a ghost in their home. “It feels like we’re living in a horror movie,” Scott said.

The family contacted a local priest to bless their home and get rid of the ghost. They also set up a camera to capture more evidence of paranormal activity.

The video depicts Gavin’s entrance into his parents’ bedroom where Geisler is relaxing and watching TV. The video was filmed by the family’s home security camera. It shows Gavin, on all fours, pauses before standing. However, something pushes him from behind so that he topples over and almost hits his face against the ground.

Scott is convinced that a ghost caused Gavin’s fall, but the true cause is unknown. “I know people are going to say it’s fake but I swear it’s not,” she stated.

This isn’t the first time that a video of this nature has surfaced. Back in 2017, another mother posted a video of her son playing innocently on his bed when suddenly a shadowy figure appears and seems to shove him off onto the floor. The mother gasps audibly in shock at what she’s seeing play out right before her eyes.

Though there is no scientific proof as of yet, many people believe that ghosts are real and coexist with us. These videos only add fuel to the fire for believers.

Ashley Scott stated, “I was actually grocery shopping down the road and Chris sent me a video because it really freaked him out. He was just baffled by what he saw and said ‘what do you think of this?’ and I was just freaked out, I didn’t know what to really think.”