A couple from Vilyuchinsk, Russia is facing murder charges. They decided to go partying for four days straight while leaving their 16-week old twins neglected at home. The two Margarita Yanayeva, 23, and Alexey, 35, locked up the twins and left for a drinking spree. They were out there partying and drinking for four days leaving the babies all alone without anyone to check up on them. In the course of the four days, the two drank to the point of blacking out. By the time they got back, one of the twins, a boy was in a coma and later succumbed to death while the other, a girl, was fighting for her dear life in intensive care. She is admitted at a hospital in Kamchatka region, Russia where doctors are doing their best to save her.

When asked by friends about the whereabouts of her twins, Margarita said that the babies were in hospital receiving treatment for Coronavirus. This was not the case when the twin’s grandmother found them locked up in the couple’s home. The grandmother found the babies in a very bad state, called the police and rushed them to the hospital. She says that she had been calling the couple without any success. She expected the parents to be home with the twins but when she called severally and no one picked she got worried. It was then that she decided to pay them a visit and check on them only to find that the worst had happened. She got into the house and found the children in a very bad state that needed immediate attention. According to an investigative source, the parents were away for four days during which there was no one feeding them and no alternative care provided for the children. They did not bother to look for someone to watch over the children while they were away.

This negligence was reported during a time when part of Russia is under lockdown due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. The couple now faces a murder charge for the death of their son who died due to starvation caused by the parent’s negligence. The couple may be sentenced up to 20 years in prison if prosecutors are able to successfully prosecute the case. Murder is not the only charge they are facing in court. They are also charged with cruelty and abuse towards the surviving daughter. An investigator says the couple, “subjected them to hunger, did not ensure hygiene, leaving the minors were in a socially dangerous state.” Many people who read this story had strong opinions about it. One reader said that Russian prisons are the perfect punishment with soup and bread diet, and overcrowding among other issues. One comment said, “First things first. Lock them in a room with no food, no water, and no toilet and leave them there for four days. Then let them out, hose them down and lock them up.” What is your take?