Jess is a devoted mother of seven children! As a mom, she has much expertise. That is why so many people tune in to see Jess express her opinion and share little bits of her life via video on TikTok. The Chinese-based social media site has been beneficial for individuals throughout the pandemic in linking with others while they are unable to go out due to quarantine restrictions.

Jess has utilized the platform to build a loyal following of people who are interested in what she has to say – which is why her announcement that her children’s school was changing the ABC Song stirred up so much controversy.

Jess’s performance of the new ABC Song on TikTok has been seen by millions of people. Parents offered a slew of comments about the shift and lit up social media with their strong views regarding whether or not schools should attempt to modify the renowned song that teaches millions of kids how to recite their A-B-Cs.

Jess posted the graphic video in October 2020, but it has continued to outrage thousands of parents. The film has been seen millions of times and gained more than 75,000 shares and 2.2 million comments since being uploaded.

The news is announced by Jess, who sings the alphabet song in its entirety. The same portion of the melody is heard throughout the broadcast. Things are just as you remember them from your childhood, with A to K letters repeating themselves. However, when Jess starts singing all of the letters after K, things change dramatically.

Instead of combining the letters “L M N O P,” the new song only combines “L M N,” which implies that the tune is now played in a different rhythm. Jess continues to sing the remaining letters in a tune that has little resemblance to the original classic. In place of the typical conclusion, this new version of the ABC Song concludes with the lines “Now I’ll never forget how to say my alphabet.”

With over nine million views on TikTok, Jess has been able to reach a massive audience with her outraged reaction to the new ABC Song.

With nearly seventy thousand comments on the video, we decided to share a selection of them to give you an idea of what other TikTok users think about the change to the ABC Song.

“DON’T FIX WHAT’S NOT BROKEN!” said one person.

“Old version is way better,” another said.

“I REFUSE to accept this,” commented another person.

“This hurts my brain,” another said.

Some viewers, though, got why the change was made. One user, in particular, explained it succinctly for all to see.

“It’s, so kids don’t say L-M-N-O’ ellemeno,’” one user stated, “but that’s how we’ve ALL said it.”

The original alphabet song, known as “The ABC,” was composed by music publisher Charles Bradlee in 1835. After 186 years, the song could be due for a makeover.

What are your thoughts on the revised version of the traditional ABC Song?