On Tuesday, the once-strong Ozzy Osbourne was seen using a cane for support as he shopped at LA’s upscale grocery store Erewhon Market.

The legendary “Crazy Train” rocker, at 74 years of age, was scarcely recognizable with chin-length gray hair and a stunning tartan coat complemented by black trainers. A diligent female assistant walked alongside him to help guide his shopping cart through the store.

Just days after Sharon, his wife was hospitalized due to a medical emergency that occurred while she filmed scenes for his son Jack’s paranormal show, Ozzy Osbourne has been spotted in Los Angeles.

At the beginning of 2020, Ozzy Osbourne went public with his fight against Parkinson’s disease which he was apparently aware of since 2003. He currently requires a walking stick for support as a result.

All throughout his life, Ozzy has been no stranger to alcohol and substance abuse, as well as multiple stays in the hospital.

Since 2019, numerous surgeries have been performed to remedy his longstanding neck and back issues which began with a home fall and ATV accident 16 years ago. His most recent operation was in June when pins were removed from his spine and then reoriented.

Unwilling to let his health impede him from living life, the Black Sabbath frontman asserted in a September interview with People that he plans to embark on a road trip.

“It’s where I belong,” Ozzy said. “The relationship I have with my audience is the biggest love affair of my life.

“I am determined to get back on stage even if I have to be nailed to a board and wheeled on,” he continued. “Survival is my legacy.”

On Monday, Sharon, 70, took to social media to proudly announce that she was back home and “doing great” after her recent hospitalization. The reports however remain unclear regarding the gravity of the situation – with a source saying it wasn’t life-threatening; we may never know what caused this hospital stay.

“She has been given the all clear from her medical team and is now home,” Jack Osbourne on Instagram. “As to what happened to my mum — I’m gonna leave it to her to share about when she is ready.”

On Monday, she felt healthy enough to go shopping at the posh James Perse store in Beverly Hills.

After initially announcing their plans to relocate back across the pond due to Ozzy’s repugnance of America’s gun violence, Sharon and Ozzy have now decided that they will remain in this nation after all. Evidently, something changed his mind on the matter!