Sometimes, all it takes to stake a claim for fame is a 30-second ad spot. This was the story written for Amanda Taylor who appeared alongside Stephen Thompson in a commercial.

The commercial was a short stint, but it was enough screen time to showcase her looks to the world. Thompson was an esteemed MMA professional that had an undefeated record at the time of the advertisement release. Taylor utilized the opportunity as her breakthrough into the world of modeling.

This short appearance was all the air time needed to bring this North Carolina beauty to light. Amanda received high levels of praise and notice for her work opportunity, spelling her many new opportunities for advanced modeling.

She was signed by the Fashion Nova team, a modeling agency that has represented the likes of many, major models across the industry. This promotional relationship paired Amanda with the latest releases from the company. She models inner wear, swimwear, trendy clothing options, and sports clothing for the company. Bringing a vast array of clothing options to the table was the way she represented her true sense of expression.

After gearing up for work within the Fashion Nova brand, additional opportunities were released in short order. She received notice from a representative for Maxim magazine, one of the pinnacle sources for modeling intrigue.

She was signed for cover art on the cover of Maxim France, one of the hottest magazine subscriptions on the market to date. This lead to a stem to Posh Model Agency, a second representative company that works with the industry’s latest and greatest. The work continued to shape her individual wealth to the general public, heightening her fame and placing her name on the map of all prospectors.

Her passion comes in conjunction with her Instagram page. She holds over 1 million followers, which ranks near the high-end for American-born models. She utilizes her page as a platform for intrigue. She is constantly sharing travel tips, beauty tips, and fashion ideas. She takes feedback very well, applying some of the presented ideas to her latest work conglomerations. Her dog, Koda, also shares her spotlight. This four-legged friend continues to pop-up in her photos and within her video streams.

In her downtime, she loves to enjoy a life of travel. She often posts pictures of mountain hikes, sandy beaches, and outdoor forestry. Her passion for photography is a seamless off-spring of self. She showcases her photos with incredible editing techniques and design. She works hard to ensure that her fans can get a glimpse of the outside beauty we are surrounded by. Her fan interactions remain consistent. She often shares posts and videos with her fans to support their work and their efforts. She is also a gig worker, applying herself to in-person conferencing and video streaming services. Renting her likeness to her fans is something that her community of followers has come to know and love. This Southern girl continues to turn heads and rounds new corners in her career on a daily basis. It is only a matter of time before we see her namesake creating new associations and operations.