The best way to a guys heart? A passion for hunting. Becca Bowen has the male population on standby, with hearts skipping a beat across the nation. The self-proclaimed ‘Country Barbie’ has turned heads for years thanks to her modeling career, her love for hunting, and her ability to make the outdoors look sexy.

Born and raised in South Carolina, Becca was introduced to the outdoors at a young age. She grew up in a rural area, surrounded by picturesque scenery and views for miles. Adopting a love for the outdoors became a way of life for Becca. She was often found within the woods, calling in ducks or remaining hot on the trail of a Whitetail buck. Hunting became her method of release, allowing her to become one with nature and remove all the noise of the outside world.

Becca owned the looks to deter from the part. As a hunter, the tom-boy behaviors did little to deter from natural beauty. As she aged, Becca began applying for beauty pageants. Each pageant taught her a valuable lesson, which she turned into a lifestyle. She competed for Miss Bikini and won this fitness competition with her stunning looks and her incredible physique.

Her fitness fun is often trailed to the woods, prescribing the natural foundation of physical fitness. She credits the outdoors as her gym, providing all of the essentials needed to remain in shape. After advancing to pageantry, she started to train with professional body-builders and athletic instructors. Toning her body and shaping her physique was something that led to the claim of additional gig work.

The outdoors would continue to be her playground of career stability. She invested time in her YouTube content and video streams, bringing about the start of Carolina Crazy Outdoors. In her web series, Becca chronicled adventures across the nation. From swimming in reefs to outdoor escapes to mountainous locations, the show detailed every portion of her adventures. The show gained a large following and wrote a portion of her success with fan accumulation.

Her Instagram page is the home of her Southern style. She has over 130,000 fans on her page. Her page is riddled with imagery that showcases camouflage shirts and skirts, teaming with the natural excellence of beauty that she possesses. Additional content on her Instagram page showcases her vocal capabilities. She is often filmed alongside a guitarist, exercising her right to give the world an inside view into her musical talents.

This down-home favorite continues to remain one with her fans. Most of her fans will receive shout-outs when requested, lending them that special capability of becoming a part of her world. She is a very friendly personality that is drawn to genuine personalities. She keeps all of her secrets out there for the world to invest in, keeping nothing behind hidden doors. She is a fun and spirited individual who can be seen spending large portions of her days mixed in the outside world. She continues to chronicle and narrate her adventures, formulating a following that will continue to grow as time goes on.