Many people make vacation plans a few months in advance.

Some want to go to a tropical resort while others want to go to a mountain lodge.

There is a large hotel in Croatia that you don’t want to make plans to visit. Once you see images and find out the story, then you’ll know why it’s been abandoned for 20 years.

The hotel is located near the Adriatic Sea.

There are a few beaches in the area that are known as the best in the world. Kupari saw a startling change in the 1960s.

The resort was built so that it could be a resort for those in the military along with their families.

At first, it was a beautiful place to visit. Almost one billion dollars was spent on renovations.

Numerous hotels could be seen as well as several attractions. Over 5,000 people could easily stay at the resort.

In 1991, the Croatian War of Independence took over, and it changed everything about the resort. Shots were fired inside the hotels, and the buildings were damaged. People would loot the buildings, and the interior simply fell apart.

Some people want to restore the hotel, but it will take a large amount of money and effort.