When you are looking at puzzle images, it can be hard to find something that should be very obvious. The picture that you see is nothing more than a pile of firewood that should include a cat. You might feel as though the cat should be easy to find, and other people believe that the cat is not even there. Read further to learn how to find the cat.

Searching For Shapes

When people read through images like this, they often search for the traditional shape of a cat or a cat’s head. You are expecting the pointy ears to give the cat away, or you might feel as though the cat is walking through the image. If you do not see four legs and tail, you might think that you have found the side profile of the cat.

Sadly, you will notice that there are not glowing eyes of whiskers. You need to look closer.

Checking For Colors

You might check for colors that are unique to cats. You can search for calico cats that have several colors that might stand out from the image. You might think that you will see stripes on the cat, or you might find the cat’s tail sticking out. You have not seen the cat yet, and you might even look for other woodland animals that could be in the image.

Are You Confusing Woodland Creatures With A Cat?

Look through the image to find other animals that might be the cat. Some people look at the center of the image thinking that the cat is peering into the image. You might even think that you see a possum, and that is not a car. This is when you need to consider the dominant colors of the image as you hunt for the cat.

What Are The Dominant Colors Of The Image?

The dominant colors of the image ar the soft tans and khakis of the wood. You need to check each block of wood because wood should have grains and splinters that are easy to identify. You can see a clear delineation from one piece of wood to the next. As you search the image, you will go through each piece of wood until you discover the cat lying on top of the stack on the left.

How Did You Miss The Cat?

You missed the cat because it has tucked its head down and closed its eyes. You cannot search for the cat by looking for flashing eyes, and you will not see its ears sticking up. The cat perfectly blends in because it is exactly the same color as the wood, and that is the trick behind most of these images. You need to focus on the most dominant color because that color is obscuring your vision. That color makes it more difficult for you to distinguish shapes.

Use This Technique To Solve All Picture Puzzles

Any time you are asked to find a hidden image, you can focus on the dominant colors of the image. The dominant colors of the image often mask things that you are supposed to find. You can spend an extra few seconds to find the cat in this image, and you can even stun your friends when you solve these puzzles so quickly.