A reporter recently ordered an egg sandwich, but what he received surprised him. He had never seen anything like it! His egg was shaped similarly to a banana. These eggs are called long eggs.

While they are unusual to Americans, they are quite common in other countries like Denmark. Like most people, the reporter had a lot of questions about these unique eggs. First, he wondered if the eggs themselves were shaped differently, but it turns out that Denmark’s chickens and eggs are not much different than America’s. So, where do these long eggs come from? They are made in a factory using a large machine. The machine separates the egg yolks from the whites, and then it boils the whites in a long thin tube. Once the whites are boiled, another tube is inserted in the hollow egg white.

This tube is filled with the egg yolk. It is also boiled, and then the tubes are removed leaving only a cylindrical long egg.

The machines make hundreds of these long eggs at one time, so they save chefs countless hours making eggs. They are served in that same shape, and customers can eat them like a burrito or cut them up as they see fit. It won’t save people time at home, but restaurants are certainly benefiting from this unique way of eating eggs.

Watch the video below to see this fascinating process! You will be glad you did, because you probably will not see anything similar anytime soon.