When a new species of an animal is discovered, it can sometimes frighten people who are interested or amaze them.

A new species of snake could haunt your thoughts as it looks like two different animals that have been tossed together.The snake is a spider-tailed viper. It looks like a snake on the end with the head, but the tail looks like the body of a spider. T

he tail lures prey as there are some animals that eat spiders. Once the prey tries to eat the tail, the snake makes a meal out of the animal. The snake is brown and beige in color, easily hiding itself in leaves and other debris so that it can’t be seen.

When you see the face of the snake, it’s perhaps even more frightening. It looks like it has horns over its eyes, and the skin looks very rough instead of the smooth skin that you might see on other snakes.

Scientists discovered the snake in 2006. The snake is mostly found in Iran, so it’s not one that is common across the world. Although the tail looks intimidating, there is no harm presented by it as it’s only used as a trick to get a meal.