Becoming a mother with change your perspective in some facets. Whether it be finding a new career calling or staying at home with your little one, becoming a first-time mom brings added change. One woman who hasn’t strayed from her founded format of normalcy is Kassy Duarte.

She continues to strut her stuff for popular publications and remains centered on procuring a work ethic that is hard to replicate.

Kassy’s first gig-work was to surround herself in the world of beauty. She worked for hail salons and as a beautician to procure her craft. Working alongside industry professionals helped her to perfect her craft. She took some of her informational content to YouTube to provide users with unique hair, nail, and beauty routines that could be expunged for habits of the past. Infusing life into this directive was her goal from day one. She wanted to add a little spice to the daily norm and bring the fire full-circle with new looks and hot trends.

Performance as an influential figure helped her to claim additional roles. She went on to become a model, working with major providers to help uplift their branding. Working in the field of branded marketing is a niche area of representation for Duarte. She is able to spread her excitement across multiple platforms, sharing content and new products with fans and contributors. Most of her fan faithful has remained with her since the very beginning.

Duarte became a first-time mom late last year. Having a child can slow some of your productions, but that effect never took hold on Duarte’s continued production. If anything, having a child became her reason to work harder and continue to become a beckon of hope for her child. Her massive support system is who she credits for keeping her moving. Many fans, friends, and family members have chimed into her pages to present her with faithful messages of can-do attitude, motivating Duarte to continue along the road she has traveled.

Her Instagram page is becoming a work in progress. She currently bolsters over 17,000 fans, but that number climbs by the thousands on a weekly basis. Building a massive social media following was never the directive that she has portrayed. She keeps most of her private life under wraps to set the table of performance for her daughter as she gets older. The age factor hasn’t slowed her progress, continuing to right the pathway for mothers who still have dreams of becoming a model.

She is a heavy sharer of her platform for inspiration, which is a promising sight for mothers-to-be or expecting moms. This mom continues to light the fire under her career goals and there is no stopping her progress.