In 2011, Ellen Greenberg, a beloved teacher of 27 years old was discovered with over 20 stab wounds on her body. Initially, it was determined that she had committed suicide by stabbing herself multiple times in the front and back; however for reasons unknown police are looking into potential clues which could indicate otherwise – signs pointing to murder. Authorities have reopened the case with fresh eyes to assess if any vital evidence may have been overlooked before now.

On January 26, 2011, Sam Goldberg stumbled upon a grim scene in the kitchen of his fiancé’s apartment. Lying on the ground was Greenberg with twenty stab wounds to her body and head – he immediately called law enforcement to report what had happened.

Greenberg suffered ten stab wounds to her neck and the back of her head, and tens aditional stab wounds regions such as her abdominal cavity, abdomen and chest. When first responders arrived, the gruesome evidence was unmistakable – a knife still stuck inside her body and plunged through her heart.

After the Medical Examiner, Marlon Osbourne, conducted a review of the evidence, it was determined that the young teacher’s passing had been ruled as suicide. However, police are now re-examining their theory as there have been suspicions raised that this crime scene seems to have been manipulated in an attempt to make it appear that she killed herself with a knife. The case has subsequently been passed on to Chester District Attorney’s Office for further investigation.

“In all my years of experience, and all of the homicides that I’ve done, and suicides, I’ve never seen anything like this,” forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht said. With his professional experience in mind, he expressed that it is “doubtful” Greenberg committed suicide based on the details of the knife attack.

In 2011, the police discovered that Greenberg’s apartment had been sealed from within and there was no sign of disturbance around her demise.

In the meantime, Golberg, the fiancé of the deceased, informed law enforcement that he arrived at her residence and discovered his beloved lying motionless on the ground when he kicked open the door.

During his desperate call to 911, Golberg relayed a disturbing message – that his fiancé had tragically taken her own life by stabbing herself. He stated:c“Help!… My fiancé’s on the floor with blood everywhere.” He continued, “I can’t see anything… there’s nothing broken… Ellie!… I think she hit her head. Oh my god! She stabbed herself… she fell on a knife… there is a knife sticking out of her heart.”

“Unfortunately, after four years of work, new expert testimony and information has been publicly alleged but withheld from our investigators, and new accusations of a conflict of interest have been made against our office,” the Attorney General’s Office stated at the time. At this time, the Chester District Attorney is diligently working to solve the case and bring justice.

Joshua, Greenberg’s father, is adamant that his daughter was definitely murdered.

“I’m not going away,” Joshua said. “I’m going to get justice for my daughter.”

Was she killed? Or did her death result from taking her own life?