According to ABC 15 news, legislators in Arizona will force school children to say the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. This new law is the brainchild of Republican Representative John Fillmore from Apache Junction. The new law requires all children to recite the pledge, and only those parents willing to say it in their place can exclude themselves. Some details in the laws specify setting a minimum of one minute for quiet reflection. Many schools give way for students to speak the pledge, but it was never forced on them. The new law has gathered mixed feelings online, and one Twitter post said, “Being forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to teach them about freedom.” While another user commented. “You can’t force children to read the Pledge of Allegiance.”

A Twitter user also posted that a lot of kids sat out for the Pledge of Allegiance and it should be part of an option. Still, another Twitter account commented, “Everyone should stand up and sing for the national anthem like North Korea.” The American Civil Liberties Union also pointed out that the idea is against the constitution. While it would seem some people object to this new rule, others don’t see it as a problem. One Twitter posted, “Land for the free because of the Courageous. People say the Pledge of Allegiance to give honor to those who sacrifice for our freedoms and the flag.” Still, other users talked about their experience of when they had to say the flag. One user said, “My memories of elementary school years when we did this, we dressed up in red, white, and blue every Tuesday so that we could attend a special occasion in the auditorium with plays, movies, and other events. I love the occasion. That was back in the 70s at the New York City Public Schools.”

Governor Doug Ducey has since replied about the matter with the comment that he wasn’t aware that children weren’t required to say the Pledge of Allegiance. He would not bring up any comments about the developing legislation, but he does believe in the idea. “I’m a believer in the Pledge of Allegiance. I would be happy to see all our children, especially those in primary schools, start their day with the Pledge of Allegiance. Lawmakers will consider the bill after they have had some time to examine it, but they won’t until January. The news channel Fox 5 disclosed that the Supreme Court had already made a ruling on something similar, which states that students could not be forced to stand for the pledge. The HB 2017 cites institutions for schools should be obliged to participate in one minute of silence for quiet expression and moral reasoning. This ruling also states that the United States of America flag ought to be in every classroom and made in America. For those in the 7 on to 12 grade, their classrooms should have a copy of the Constitution. It also said that the Bill of Rights should be close to the flag.