If you hate wearing a bra here is some good news for you: it turns out that ditching your bra may actually be healthier for you. Besides being more comfortable and saving you money by not buying bras, those who go bra-less may actually have bigger and perkier breasts. Without the aid of a bra, your pectoral muscles work harder to keep your breasts perky and upright. A bra allows these muscles to relax, which may be why bared breasts sag when released from their fabric prison. As the pecs get stronger, the breasts actually appear larger even though they don’t actually grow.
Ditching the bra can improve your overall health, as well. Tight straps and bands can actually limit the circulation to your arms and torso by constricting major blood vessels. Your bra may also be trapping sweat and grease against the skin of your breasts, increasing the likelihood of pimples, rashes and fungal infection.

You may find that you sleep better, too. If you’re not wearing a bra, you need not worry about falling asleep in one. Studies have shown that sleeping in a bra can really interfere with your circadian rhythms, making the sleep you get less restful. So if you hate your bra, enjoy these reasons for leaving it off.