It’s that time of year again when just walking to and from our car fills us with trepidation.

Black ice is a dangerous byproduct of cold temperatures combined with precipitation, and slipping on it can result in a serious injury. The reality is that not all of us have enormous bags of salt on hand.

However, you may be surprised to learn that you can combat black ice with two popular products that are almost certainly sitting in your kitchen right now.

To rid your property of black ice, simply combine 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol, 6 drops of dish soap and a half gallon of warm water. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle.

This combination will melt ice instantly, turning it into slush practically upon contact. Plus, unlike salt, this mixture will not destroy foliage and cause damage to roads.

By combining these common household products, you aren’t only protecting yourself and others from the dangers of black ice but you are also preventing environmental damage that can result from salt overexposure.

In addition to killing plants, excessive use of salt can result in damage to roads, parking decks, flooring, doorways, bridges and infrastructures.

This is because of the chloride in the salt.

Chloride enables corrosion, especially when combined with water.

Salt is especially detrimental to concrete that isn’t sealed correctly. Salt can also damage steel over time, making steel-based structures dangerously unsound.

Source: You’ll Never Need To Worry About Ice Again With This Simple Trick! by internetroi on Rumble