Modeling comes in all different shapes and sizes. Embracing different aspects of beauty is what keeps this trendy platform operating at the levels of success it holds. Grace Boor is an Instagram personality, a fitness model, and an inspiration to those who follow her work. Grace was born and raised in Texas.

Her early years were surrounded by participation in sports and the pursuit of perfecting her body imagery. As a teen, Grace was bullied for her appearance. She started to change her focus on weight loss. After quickly shedding the pounds, Grace found that her appearance still wasn’t to par. While her weight loss transformation was a success, she lost too much weight and wanted to remain within a healthy weight range. She started to pursue new-found fitness goals and that helped to exchange skinny bones for lean muscles. Her transformation was a complete success and she built her reprise from these years of dedication and focus.

After reaching her goals with fitness, Grace was ready to set the world ablaze. She started to participate in photo shoots, merely gauging her level of interest and to see if it was something that she enjoyed. The producers of these shoots started to take notice and wished to sign her for working with their brands. She started to model full-time and would go on to cover many different magazines. She also submitted some of her writing to these magazine companies to feature her story within their presses. Her cover art was a thing of beauty and she has since kept on-board with her career pursuits in the world of beauty, fashion, and modeling.

The fitness aspect is what keeps her moving today. She has shared her story with many different people on many different platforms. This story of reprise is something that she leaned on to help her get through the early years of life and after being bullied for weight issues. Her messages now come with a sense of positivity and are delivered to over a million users on different social media outlets. She has over 600,000 Instagram followers, which is her primary outlet of social media usage. Her latest shoots detail what it is like to be a model while carrying a child.

She is making the most of modeling while being active. She is helping to erase the stigmata that come with modeling with a different body type. She believes that internal beauty makes the external shine. Continuing to the model while being busy with many other parts of life helps to bring hope to those who are insecure about the way they look. She is helping to reduce the filters and deliver content that is pure and real. Her thoughts and shared expressions are met with positive outcomes on all platforms that she interacts with. She has become a beacon of hope for those that follow her content and she continues to inspire in as many ways that she can.