It can be difficult to have a cordial relationship with one’s neighbors, yet some individuals make it easier than others. One homeowner wanted to ensure that he would not be interrupted in the slightest degree and so posted a black and silver plaque on his doorbell reading ‘No soliciting – fundraising/salesmen/religion/politics’. Moreover, this homeowner nailed up a “contractual agreement” expecting absolute obedience from his community.

The agreement was clearly crafted with a tone dripping in sarcasm and disdain, which the homeowner had taped up onto their front door. This document not only sought to express how little they wanted to be bothered by neighbors but also attempted to dupe them into believing that any disturbances would result in repercussions. The contract laid out precisely why this agreement was made and what the consequences of breaking it might entail.

“By knocking on and or ringing my doorbell with the no solicitation sign below, you’re agreeing to enter a legally binding contract of a payment of ten dollars per minute of anytime time that you use of any person residing in this home.”

Upon closer inspection of the language, it is clear that the homeowner was making an effort to remunerate themselves for their time should someone come knocking on their door. This action suggests they wish not to be disturbed which ultimately led them to post this sign in the first place.

“Payment will be required with a ten-minute minimum. PayPal, cash app, or cash is accepted. If you choose not to pay, you are agreeing to mutual combat and getting punched in the f**king mouth. Don’t like the terms of the contract? Get off my f**king property!”

While the homeowner desired to rest in peace at home, he had some requests for those who were visiting his house. Out of courtesy and respect, the posted agreement on his door read:

“I will hold you responsible for your agreement made in this contract. Failure to uphold this contract will result in a civil suit being filed, and video evidence will be provided as all movement on my property is recorded.”

Before the homeowner offers their final farewell, this message comes to an end: “Have a sh*tty day!”

The image of the sign circulated quickly on Reddit, where legal professionals exposed its shortcomings as an inadequate attempt at a legally-binding agreement that would not be honored in court.

“Excuse me, your honor. It clearly specifies you cannot knock on or ring the doorbell. It says nothing about not knocking on the door itself. Guy needs someone to review his contracts, leaving loopholes like that in there.”

“I think it’s more concerning that he’s outright saying that anyone who knocks on his door has the right to punch him in the face.”

Another user said, “I mean, it’s also about as binding as a kindergartener’s glue stick.”

What is your opinion about this homeowner’s contractual arrangement?