In a shocking incident, an unsuspecting pig in Hong Kong perished after fatally injuring the butcher en route to its own slaughter.

The police reported that the 61-year-old butcher used a stun gun to slaughter the animal, yet when it awoke from its unconscious state and struck him, he was knocked off his feet.

At the Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse in northern Hong Kong, a colleague discovered the butcher gripping tightly onto a meat cleaver with his left foot wounded.

Although the official cause of death has not been declared, it appears that the butcher was pushed over by an agitated pig on Friday and suffered a fatal injury from its 15 inch (40cm) blade.

The butcher was rushed to the hospital, yet he was unfortunately declared dead once they arrived.

In response to recent events, Hong Kong’s Labour Department has initiated an investigation with the intent of suggesting measures for improved safety.

A spokesperson stated: ‘The Labour Department is saddened by the death of the person and expresses its deepest sympathy to his family.’

‘We will complete the investigation as soon as possible to identify the cause of the accident, ascertain the liability of the duty holders and recommend improvement measures.’

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of Hong Kong expressed its condolences to the family of the butcher, whom they were responsible for overseeing.

It remains unclear whether the pig was able to flee its captors.

Pigs are distinguished for their remarkable intelligence, evidenced by their aptitude to socialize and empathize with others, sense pain similar to humans, and maintain good hygiene.

As a rule, they are gentle creatures, yet become fiercely protective if their offspring are threatened.